One-day HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY Conference Expanding a Humanistic Vision for a 21st Century Psychogy

Expanding a Humanistic Vision for a 21st Century Psychology
Saturday 7th October 2017
Resources for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA, 9am-5pm
Cost: £60 - includes lunch, refreshments and live music from
Jennifer Maidman and Annie Whitehead (ex Penguin Cafe Orchestra)

This one-day conference brings together some of the most inspiring and challenging thinkers in the field of Psychology in general, and in Humanistic Psychology in particular. A CPD-certified event put on by the Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP) in conjunction with the UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (AHPP), five speakers (see details overleaf) will give us their own particular slant on the event’s umbrella title: “Expanding a Humanistic Vision for a 21st Century Psychology” Themes covered will include Humanistic Psychology and activism, future self as
living entity, expanding the humanistic paradigm for the 21st-century context, humanistic Psychology ‘outside the box’, and visioning our humanistic future – a rich mixture of the “self” and “society” dialectic that are at the core of Humanistic Psychology as a genuinely progressive psychology for the current era. With the inspirational Professor Maureen O’Hara from Saybrook (California) as keynote speaker, and a group of leading humanistic practitioners on the plenary panel, this is an unmissable participative event, and exceptional value for money. The event also doubles as a book launch for Routledge’s exciting new book (2018), Humanistic Psychology: Current Trends and Future Prospects, edited by Richard House, David Kalisch and Jennifer Maidman. Professors Stanley Krippner and Colin Feltham said: “The principles of Humanistic Psychology have never been more critically needed than they are today…. This book is work that will make a crucial difference in the lives of its readers” (SK); and “I very much admire the dedication of the editors, writers and practitioners involved in this work…
I commend the effort to take Humanistic Psychology forward in newly formulated, sharply articulated
ways that… may make their mark in an increasingly complex and troubled world” (CF).
All participants can request a certificate of attendance to support their continuing professional development (CPD). Students, trainees and unwaged delegates can claim a free book on the day with proof of status. Please note that pre-booking and pre-paying for your place (via Eventbrite) are essential. For full details and booking link see:

Maureen O’Hara, PhD, is Professor of Psychology, National University (La Jolla,
California), and CEO of International Futures Forum–US. Maureen worked closely with
Carl Rogers, facilitating large group events and training counsellors in many
countries. She brings humanistic practice into the public policy, community and
organizational spheres, exploring the impact of global cultural shifts on emotional
development and well-being. Maureen was President of the AHP and of Division 32,
American Psychological Association, recently receiving their Distinguished Lifetime
Achievement Award. Recent books include the co-edited Handbook of Person-Centred
Psychotherapy and Counselling (2013) and Dancing at the Edge (with G. Leicester, 2012)
Dina Glouberman, PhD, is visionary co-founder and director of Skyros Holidays,
world leader in holistic holidays and trainings. Author of the classic books Life Choices,
Life Changes, Joy of Burnout and You Are What You Imagine, and former Senior Lecturer in
Psychology, Dina leads Imagework training courses internationally, is Hon. President,
International Imagework Association, and a psychotherapist, guiding people through
turning-points and new beginnings. Upcoming book: Into the Woods and Out
Again (Karnac).
Jill Hall was born in South Africa, and was always disturbed and fascinated by what it
means to be human. Working as an actress until becoming a mother and philosophy
student, she then discovered self-development in Humanistic Psychology’s early days. Jill
became an Institute of Biodynamic Psychology tutor; and now runs weekend residential
groups in Norwich. A guest lecturer for various professional bodies and universities, Jill is
author of The Reluctant Adult(Prism Press, Bridport, 1993).
John Rowan has been involved with Humanistic Psychology since 1970, and has
made many contributions in that field, notably the book Ordinary Ecstasy, which is now in
its third edition. He has also made many contributions in the field of Transpersonal
Psychology, and his book The Transpersonal, is now in its second edition. At present John
is working on a book entitled Hegel and Therapy, which should appear next year.
Robin Shohet has been a therapist and supervisor for forty years. In
1979 he co-founded the Centre for Supervision and Team Development
( with his wife, Joan Wilmot, through which they
teach individual, group and team supervision worldwide. At the age of 70
he is learning the accordion, the tango and still plays football. He is a
student of, and inspired by, a Course in Miracles
David Wasdell, a partially dyslexic polymath, with degrees in mathematics,
physics and theology and a life-time spent in consultancy research in
behavioural and physical sciences, is the Founding Director of URCHIN (the Unit
for Research into Changing Institutions). Since 1987 he has been the
International Coordinator of the Meridian Programme, and for the last ten years
has directed the Apollo-Gaia Project, working on feedback dynamics of the
global climate system and the psychology of human response.

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One-day HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY Conference Expanding a Humanistic Vision for a 21st Century Psychogy


Expanding a Humanistic Vision for a 21st Century Psychology

Saturday 7th October 2017

Resources for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA, 9am-5pm

Cost: £60 - includes lunch, refreshments and live music from

Jennifer Maidman and Annie Whitehead (ex Penguin Cafe…


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